[WATCH] ‘Marsaskala needs embellishment’: Minister skirts questions on necessity of yacht marina

Embellishment and the yacht marina aren't completely opposed, the Environment Minister stated

Marsaskala needs an embellishment, Minister for Environment Aaron Farrugia said on Monday while skirting questions on whether the yacht marina is necessary for the locality.

“A yacht marina and embellishment aren’t completely opposed,” he told MaltaToday during a press conference announcing several open space projects.

Farrugia emphasised that government is listening to the feedback on the proposal for a yacht marina in the Marsaskala creek, but added that government will have to make a decision eventually.

“It’s designated to be a marina,” he said, referring to the 2006 local plans drawn up under the Nationalist Party’s administration. “If the marina needs to take a new form, or not take up the entire bay, that’s another issue.”

He said that government is working to provide Marsaskala with the embellishment needed, and that environmental projects will be announced in the area in due time.

On cabinet meetings, Farrugia said that the executive members of government often have internal meetings where they discuss the various benefits and criticisms of a project.

“Government decides together and as executive members we come out with one voice,” he stated.

Farrugia was responding to questions on his role in cabinet, and whether he was notified by the Transport Ministry that a pre-qualification questionnaire was going to be issued for a Marsaskala yacht marina.

He explained the workings of cabinet, but failed to specify whether he was notified.