Investigate Corradino prison, Cassola tells United Nations Human Rights Commissioner

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola calls on the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner to ‘urgently’ examine the situation inside Malta’s prison system

The independent candidate Arnold Cassola has called on the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner to “urgently” examine the situation in Malta’s prison system.

“The situation in the Maltese correctional facility of Kordin has become untenable,” Cassola told Commissioner Michelle Bachelet.

On Saturday, two prison warders were charged with the involuntary homicide of Kim Borg Nicolas Virtu, a 29-year-old inmate.

Borg had attempted suicide in prison last June and died at Mater Dei Hospital three weeks later.

Reports on Sunday revealed that her father will be initiating legal proceedings in the constitutional court on the case, claiming her fundamental human right to life had been breached by the state.

The independent candidate called out the prison director Alex Dalli for moving about with “a dog by his side, and a pistol at his waist.”

He also called out the use of a “torture chair”, which he said is used to tie inmates “practically naked.”

“The Maltese Minister for the Interior, Byron Camilleri, remains tight lipped on these happenings and continues to defend the prison director,” Cassola said.

“In view of these serious circumstances, I ask the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner to urgently examine this situation, which has become a big blot on human rights in Malta as well as constituting a lack of full transparency in the running of the Kordin prison,” Cassola’s letter read.

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