[WATCH] Abela to UN: ‘Malta’s goal is to be leader in small island-state governance’

In address to United Nations, Robert Abela urges the international community to plan a strong pandemic in a bid for a fairer and more sustainable future

PM Robert Abela addressing the 76th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (Photo: DOI)
PM Robert Abela addressing the 76th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (Photo: DOI)

Robert Abela has said Malta’s goal is to become a leader in small island state governance, standing ready to share the country’s plans on decarbonisation and digitalisation.

Abela said carbon neutrality is one of the five major pillars of Malta’s economic vision for 2030.

On Friday, the Prime Minister remotely addressed the 76th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

Abela emphasised that multilateralism is the key to a strong and sustainable future and urged world leaders plan and commit to a strong recovery from the pandemic for a more egalitarian and sustainable world.

He remarked that a reversal of the effects of the pandemic is necessary in order to avoid a global recession and fulfil the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Abela claimed support to an inclusive and resilient post-pandemic recovery that is based on an open and rules-based approach to international trade and foreign direct investment. “Fair competition should be at the heart of any approach for a post-pandemic economic recovery.”

With regards to climate change, Abela acknowledged the need for urgent action and pledged Malta’s commitment to an inclusive approach, where the voices of those states most affected by its impacts are heard.

He also remarked that Libya requires support from the international community for a successful political transition; for the Libyan people, the region, the African continent, and the world. Regarding Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said that the international community must unite and ensure that Afghanistan is never again used as a haven for terrorist organisations.

“Peace and security are fundamental if we have any ambition to protect international humanitarian principles and minimise the impact of conflict on innocent civilians, including those who are the most vulnerable,” said Abela.

Prime Minister Abela  encouraged the UN Council and the member states to support a full implementation of strong child protection mandates, including through the speedy deployment of senior child protection advisors and teams.

In the case that Malta serves the Security Council in 2023-2024, Abela mentioned that Children and Armed Conflict will be prioritised and as a neutral UN member state, it will pursue peace, security, and social progress among all nations across the world.

“Malta will continue to stress the need to include women and youths in peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts as their voices must be heard if we are to build fair and inclusive societies,” added Abela.