[WATCH] Back to school: parents, students and teachers tell us what they think

State schools reopened doors on Wednesday and we went outside the San Ġwann primary school to talk to parents, students and teachers

State schools reopened their doors on Wednesday (Photo: James Bianchi)
State schools reopened their doors on Wednesday (Photo: James Bianchi)

After three months of summer holidays, State schools have once again opened their doors for students, amidst increased activity on the road and a return to the winter routine.

MaltaToday spoke to several parents and children outside the school gate in San Ġwann, and asked about the hopes and plans for the year, COVID-19 mitigation measures and remote learning.

The children seemed somewhat reluctant to end their holiday season but said that they prefer attending school in person to online lessons, and were eager to meet and make new friends.

Parents who spoke to us, said that they would miss their children but do prefer physical in-class attendance, as in their opinion it’s more beneficial to their children's education.

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The children stated that they do not fancy the mask wearing however their parents appreciate the purpose that they serve, as it puts their mind at rest that the children are safe.

We also spoke to some of the educators, who said that they are looking forward to the year and are content with the COVID-19 mitigation measures. They also shared the consensus that the physical presence in class works better for the sake of the students.

Not everything is running smoothly behind the scenes however, as currently State primary schools are experiencing a shortage of teachers.

The Education Ministry assigned classes to peripatetic teachers but the situation has caused disquiet among the teachers and has led to an industrial dispute.