Rosianne Cutajar insists it was her decision to be replaced at the Council of Europe assembly

Former Parliamentary Secretary Rosianne Cutajar insists that she asked to be replaced after a complaint was lodged against her 

Rosianne Cutajar
Rosianne Cutajar

Former Parliamentary Secretary Rosianne Cutajar has disputed reports that she was forcibly removed as a member of the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly, citing that the replacement was her idea.

Cutajar said she asked to be replaced after a complaint was lodged against her. "This does not mean that I will not defend my name from the allegations and doubts that are being dispelled by the friends of Jason Azzopardi and the Nationalist Party in Europe," she said.

On Monday, it was announced that Energy Minister Miriam Dalli had replaced Cutajar in the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly.

Cutajar was one of the three Maltese MPs that formed part of the assembly. She was due to answer breach of conduct accusations before the council's rules committee next month.

She was accused of breaching ethics by Dutch MP Pieter Omtzigt, in which he had referred to Yorgen Fenech and 17 Black.

On Tuesday, the Nationalist Party accused Prime Minister Robert Abela of keeping Cutajar in the position for six months despite facing an investigation into an alleged breach of the code of ethics.

The PN said it was done in secret to protect Cutajar rather than Malta's interests. Abela acted on political convenience and not the conviction, seeing that Cutajar risks a decision that could derail her political career.