[WATCH] Msida Creek flyover 'would not look good', local mayor admits

Margaret Baldacchino Cefai said that the local council holds reservations on the project, but the Transprt Minister says he's open to a national discussion

Msida mayor Margaret Baldacchino Cefai uncomfortably admitted on Thursday that flyovers over the Msdia creek “would not look so good”.

She explained that as a council they hold reservations on the project, but are satisfied that no open space will be lost. 

Transport Minister Ian Borg, who was present at the same press conference, said that the application remains pending while government has continued consulting with stakeholders.

“We gave liberty to the local council and we are open to a national discussion about the project," he said.

When asked whether the flyover would spoil the regeneration project planned for the local promenade, Borg said that "there is no rush but there will be costs if the infrastructure is not improved".

Announced in 2019, the Msida Creek Project will see the busy traffic lights junction in Msida replaced by two flyovers and an added car park.

Infrastructure Malta presented photomontages of the flyovers in January 2019. The project will see the construction of a pedestrian bridge, accessed by stairs and lifts, in place of the traffic crossing presently used by thousands of pedestrians, including Junior College students.

A nearby bocci club, gazebo, kiosk and recreational area will be demolished to free up space for the project.

The project proved controversal, as several NGOs asked government to scrap the project and construct a public transport interchange instead. They argued that the proposal builds on the historic context, while strengthening the commercial potential of the area and improving the quality of life of people.