PN says Caruana has no plan to get Malta off FATF greylist

The Nationalist Party lambasts Finance Minister Clyde Caruana for only briefly mentioning Malta's greylisting by the FATF despite the negative impact on the island's economy 

The Nationalist Party has accused Finance Minister Clyde Caruana of only briefly mentioning Malta's greylisting during the Budget 2022 without providing a concrete plan.

During a press conference addressed by MP Kristy Debono, candidates Jerome Caruana Cilia and Noel Muscat, the party accused the finance minister of having no concrete plan to get Malta off the greylist.

Debono said that the budget presented on Monday was "flawed" and without vision. The MP also noted that it was "unacceptable" that Caruana did not reference Malta's greylisting, a significant concern to the general public. 

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"Rather than assuring the public that the government has a concrete plan to get Malta off the greylist, the finance minister decided only briefly to mention it," Debono said. 

Muscat praised the government for specific initiatives within the budget, such as IVF medication now being provided for free by the government. However, he criticised that the budget failed to address front line workers in a meaningful way. 

Muscat also criticised the government for not mentioning anything regarding blockchain. "It would appear, it was just a buzzword to try and garner votes, and that the government never had any plans to invest in that sector." 

"What about casual sports? They were only mentioned briefly. I guess they aren't important to the government," Muscat said. 

Caruana Cilia also added that the budget hardly addressed the tourism or manufacturing sector substantially.