Labour Party keeps election talk going, says people have a clear choice

Minister Byron Camilleri and PL President Ramona Attard say that the choice between Robert Abela and Bernard Grech is clear

(From left to right) PL Candidate Cressida Galea, PL President Ramona Attard and Minister Byron Camilleri (Photo: PL)
(From left to right) PL Candidate Cressida Galea, PL President Ramona Attard and Minister Byron Camilleri (Photo: PL)

The Labour Party kept the election talk going on Wednesday with its exponents stating that people have "a choice" between Robert Abela and Bernard Grech.

In a press conference at Labour headquarters, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said the Prime Minister did not attack anyone personally during his budget speech, unlike his rival Bernard Grech. “We believe that the citizens deserve politicians that do not instigate division.”

He said it is not true that Malta is no longer attractive for business, citing two companies, one in iGaming and another in currency printing that announced they will invest or enhance their investment in Malta.

“We believe that everything circles around credibility, on who people will choose to lead the country,” Camilleri said.

Labour Party candidate Cressida Galea said that while other countries are adopting austerity measures, the Labour government is providing relief to people.

She mentioned how the rising energy costs in Europe are not reflected in Malta and that the people dependant on social services reduced by half since 2013.

“Gozo saw its biggest budget in history and it was a social budget focused on helping the most vulnerable. It struck a balance between social equity and economic viability that would ultimately lead to a sustainable economy,” Galea said.

PL President Ramona Attard said that during the tenure of the PN in government, people used to be wary of the budget for the four years leading up to the general election. She claimed that nowadays, under a Labour government, people are expecting handouts and not taxes.

Attard remarked that Bernard Grech’s claim that the budget was a ‘spending spree’ indicates that the PN has not changed. “The choice is between a Labour Party in government that helps people even during difficult times and a Nationalist government that chose austerity in the past,” Attard stated.

She reiterated that “people have to choose between Robert Abela and Bernard Grech” but stopped short of mentioning a where and a when for that choice to be made.

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