[WATCH] Repubblika demands justice: ‘It won’t be long until you see us again’

Protestors took to Valletta with calls for increased police action against Konrad Mizzi and other 'untouchables'

Repubblika President Robert Aquilina addressing the crowd during Friday's protest
Repubblika President Robert Aquilina addressing the crowd during Friday's protest
Shame on You - Protesta

Shame on You - Protesta Pjazza Kastilija 29 Ottubru 2021

Posted by Repubblika on Friday, October 29, 2021

Repubblika warn government that they will continue protesting if police fail to take action against Konrad Mizzi and other major scandals.

Protesters gathered on Castille Square at 6:30pm calling for better police action against high-level corruption.

“Our message is simple. We want to live in a country where justice is served to everyone, a country that awards who does good and not who does bad.”

Aquilina stated that representatives from foreign countries often speak to Repubblika on the situation in Malta.

“They tell us that when they meet with the Prime Minister, Police Commissioner, and Attorney General, among others, they hear a lot of nice words and promises.  But then they realise that these words never turn into concrete action,” Aquilina said.

He said these same representatives tell Repubblika that as long as ‘untouchables’ run free in Malta, the country cannot be taken seriously abroad.

“Our message was, and is, that whoever stained their hands with Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blood; whoever participated in her murder or its cover-up; whoever allowed the impunity in which criminals were able to rob the people and kill Daphne; we all want them to get what they deserve,” he said.

The protest marks the three-month anniversary from when the public inquiry report into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia was published.

“I remind Robert Abela that the inquiry found Joseph Muscat and his entire cabinet guilty of creating an environment of impunity that helped kill Daphne Caruana Galizia,” Aquilina said.

It is a scandal in itself, Aquilina said, that Abela has taken no action in light of the report. “It’s a scandal in and of itself that, to this day, he has not condemned and pushed aside Joseph Muscat.”

Aquilina cast doubts on the autonomy of Angelo Gafa, the police commissioner. He questioned whether there is something holding Gafa back from investigating the Panama Papers, 17 Black, Electrogas, Vitals, and the Montenegro windfarm scandals.

“Commissioner Gafa, Deputy Commissioner Mamo, Attorney General Buttigieg – we know that they have enough evidence on the corrupt Konrad Mizzi to prosecute him on corruption in court.”

“If you continue failing to bring people to justice, it won’t be long until you see us again,” Aquilina quipped.

Louiselle Vassallo, an activist with #occupyjustice, said that the Labour Party’s recent failure to formally condemn Konrad Mizzi suggests that Mizzi has the entire Labour government held hostage.

“Konrad Mizzi is blackmailing an entire government with what he knows. […] The Prime Minister, Robert Abela, must stop protecting him, because Konrad Mizzi is a traitor to the Labor Party.”