Archbishop warns against the 'cancer' of tribalism, calling on MPs to steer clear of partisan interests

Archbishop Charles Scicluna warns against tribalism in address celebrating 100 years since first parliamentary inauguration

Archbishop Charles Scicluna
Archbishop Charles Scicluna

Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna has warned against the “cancer that is tribalism” in his sermon on Sunday.

“If there is the cancer of tribalism in parliament, how can society heal from its wounds,” he said.

Scicluna was addressing parliamentarians during mass at St John’s Cathedral in Valletta, marking the 100th anniversary of the first session of the legislative assembly and senate meeting.

He said that MPs play an important role in how the country continues to evolve, saying they shoulder the responsibility of representing he people’s “voice and conscious” in the country’s highest institution.

He pointed out that new technologies, like the broadcasting of parliamentary sittings, have paved the way for people to be more involved in the decision making of the country.

“Don’t fall for the temptation to play to the gallery, not even with you adversary. That accessibility is your responsibility to give a good example to the people,” he said.  

He called on MPs to carry out the responsibility and debate and approve legislation for the common good, calling on the House to “listen and love”.

Scicluna also appealed to the younger generation to come forward and give up their life for the common good.

“I also appeal for future generations of true servants who give up their life for the service of the people, and who, while drafting laws, do not seek partisan or self-interest, but the interests of the common good,” the Archbishop said.