PM: Climate change can be overcome through a global collective effort

Prime Minister Robert Abela will be addressing the COP26 summit of world leaders, scientists and activists on Tuesday

The Prime Minister Robert Abela said the climate change challenge can be overcome if world leaders come together for a common goal.

“If we do not carry out the needed changes, the world will pay a heavy price, but if we carry out the needed changes, we can create a lot of opportunities,” he said.

Abela was speaking to TVM at COP26. the summit hosted by the UK started yesterday and is expected to go on until 12 November.

The global meet comes some months after a UN panel of experts sounded a dire warning on global warming, which was described as a “code red for humanity”.

“When you see the large number of leaders, you realize how everyone is understanding the importance of overcoming this problem,” the PM said.

He said that if the different nation work “collectively”, the challenge can be overcome. “Everyone is understanding the world must work together if we are to reach our goals.”

In an opinion piece penned ahead of the summit, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela underscored the country’s commitment to decarbonise by earmarking 54% of EU funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan to the cause.

He will be addressing the summit on Tuesday.

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