Adrian Delia: Criminal investigation should be opened into the misuse of public funds

Nationalist Party lambasts government for continuing to defend Vitals deal which is 'stealing millions' 

A criminal investigation should be opened into the misuse of public funds paid into the hospitals concession granted to Vitals Global Healthcare, Nationalist MP Adrian Delia said.

Adrian Delia spoke alongside MP Stephen Spiteri and candidate Darren Carabott regarding the National Audit Office (NAO) report on the multi-million Vitals Global Healthcare concession deal.

Delia said the Opposition would continue to investigate the contract in the Public Accounts Commitee, which contract the party said should be terminated. “The three hospitals should be handed back to the public.”

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Spiteri said the concession robbed the public of three hospitals, and said their privatisation had been illegal.

Spiteri said money that Steward Healthcare had been paid could have been better utilised for the public’s health, the procurement of medicines, cancer treatment, and increased health investment.

Delia added that it was clear that millions of euros could improve the health sector in Malta, and Gozo, but government is insisting on lining the pockets of Steward Healthcare.

He said people will continue to pay millions out of their pockets for another three months, because government is continuing to defend foreigners instead of the citizens it is supposed to represent.

Carabott said that six years after this contract was awarded, today it is being made more public that this contract was a scandal, where the people did not take anything from it.

He said the Auditor General has made it clear that this contract is stealing from the Maltese and Gozitans and that from the millions Malta is giving, it has little to no return.