[WATCH] On loud election rumours, Abela keeps everyone guessing: ‘It will be over by June’

Prime Minister Robert Abela has his say on the latest rumours suggesting the general election is due on 12 March

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

The Prime Minister has left everyone guessing on when the general election will be held, telling reporters "it will be over by June".

Election rumours went in overdrive on Tuesday, after news emerged that Pope Francis will be visiting Malta in April, and announcements by the health minister that more COVID-19 measures will be lifted in February. 

A number of dates have been floated around, including 12 March. A 12 March election would mean parliament is dissolved at the latest by 7 February.

However, the Prime Minister may still opt for an early June election, taking the administration to its natural end. If he opts for this, parliament can be dissolved at the start of May.

The latest that a general election can be held is September 2022 but the Prime Minister has absolute discretion to call an election any time before that.