[WATCH] Abela lost opportunity to clear Malta’s name, Grech says on defeated bill

Opposition leader says PM does not want to treat journalism as a main pillar of democracy

PN leader Bernard Grech
PN leader Bernard Grech

The government has lost the opportunity to clear Malta's name by voting against the Opposition's anti-corruption Bill, Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech said. 

Grech spoke to the media after attending a press conference addressing income in Malta. The party's package of 11 legislative Bills to fight corruption and mafia-style crimes did not receive a majority in the House of Representatives, meaning it will not move to the third reading.

When questioned about the government’s proposals for the strengthening of journalism and the protection of journalists, Grech they were not adequate.

“Without a doubt, it is evident that what the government hastily put forward is not well-thought proposals. Grech said that the Bill is only related to journalism and does not add protection for journalists in the Constitution,” Grech said.

“This means the Prime Minister does not consider journalism as a main pillar in our democracy,” the PN leader said. 

Grech said that he's disappointed that government did not propose any amendments to the 11-act Bill the PN proposed.