Bormla council welcomes re-acquisition of AUM land earmarked for dormitory

Bormla space earmarked for a dormitory for AUM will be handed back to government, council wants the area regenerated for public use

The American University of Malta in Bormla
The American University of Malta in Bormla

The Bormla local council has welcomed the Prime Minister’s declaration that an area in Bormla slated to house dormitories for the American University of Malta (AUM), will be handed back to the government.

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that AUM would be returning the land given to it at Marsaskala’s Żonqor Point and the land in Triq il-Karmnu in Bormla, which had been earmarked for a dormitory.

In a statement by Bormla mayor Alison Zerafa Civelli – a sister-in-law to the prime minister – the local council said it had listened to the residents and objected to the development.

Zerafa Civelli, a candidate on the second district where Abela is also contesting, had registered the council’s objection to the permit. “In light of the declaration of the Prime Minister and the confirmation that the land has been freed and will be returned back to the people, the local council believes that the will of the majority has prevailed and what belonged to Bormla will be returned back to the residents,” the council said.

The Labour-led council also recognised the work done on the American University of Malta which “served to improve and embellish the zone, in particular the restoration of Dock No. 1”.

“The next phase is that together with the government, discussions for the regeneration of the zone are held, so that it could be enjoyed by residents and those who visit the locality.”

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