Nepalese community gearing up to raise funds and send Ajay Shestha’s body back home

The Nepalese community will be donating a day’s salary to help repatriate the body • Local cricket and football associations will hold sports matches to help raise funds

The Nepalese community is gearing up to raise funds and cover the repatriation expenses to send Ajay Shestha’s body back to Nepal.

28-year-old Bolt courier Ajay Shestha was killed in a road accident after a truck overturned and hit a light pole. As the pole crashed down into the street, it hit Shestha as he was driving his motorcycle while on a work shift.

The Nepalese community in Malta, including many Bolt and Wolt couriers, will be donating a day’s salary to help repatriate Shrestha’s body back to Nepal.

Meanwhile, the Malta Cricket Association will be organising a cricket match on Saturday, the proceeds of which will go directly towards the repatriation expenses.

The community will also hold a football tournament on Sunday 27 March in Msida to help raise funds.

Members of the public who would like to help finance the expenses can donate by visiting or by contacting the Non-Residence Nepali Association Malta to give a cash donation.

Sandesh KC, President of the Nepalese People’s Relations Committee, told MaltaToday that the Nepalese community has been humbled by the solidarity it has seen after Shrestha’s death. 

However, he pointed out that many Hindus in Malta are unable to cremate their loved ones, as is custom in their faith.

Instead, Hindus in Malta can either bury their loved ones locally or repatriate the body for cremation in their home country. 

“When Hindus die here, there is no burning facility to cremate them. If I die, and I have a loved one here, at least they don’t have to send my body back home just to cremate me,” he said.

Malta legalised cremation in 2019, but no crematorium has been built since then.

Bolt helping police in investigation

In an official statement to MaltaToday, food delivery company Bolt said that it saddened by the news and is in touch with Shrestha’s family in Malta.

“We are doing everything we can to assist the local police during the ongoing investigation. Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.”

Shrestha started working in Malta as a waiter and dishwasher. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Shrestha eventually became a food delivery courier. 

Like many Nepalese couriers, Shrestha was employed by recruitment agency operating as a fleet manager in Malta. 

MaltaToday tried reaching out to the company for more details, but is yet to receive an answer.