Eve Borg Bonello calls Putin 'a war criminal', advocates embargo of Russian energy products

In her maiden speech Malta's youngest ever MP, Eve Borg Bonello condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine and calls for a stop to the importation of energy products from Russia

PN MP Eve Borg Bonello
PN MP Eve Borg Bonello

Nationalist MP Eve Borg Bonello has called Russian President Vladimir Putin "a war criminal", saying Malta should have nothing to do with Russia.

In her parliamentary maiden speech on Wednesday, Borg Bonello called out Putin for the invasion of Ukraine, saying the Malta should not fund the war through the purchase of Russian energy products.

“Let’s stop the importation of energy from Russia. If we want a world at peace we must convert to sustainable energy and move away from Russian oil. We can’t let the blood of Ukrainians be spilled by Russian weapons funded through the sale of dirty energy,” she said. “Putin is a war criminal and in line with Malta's neutrality it should have nothing to do with Russia.”

Her tough words came 24 hours after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Malta's parliament and told Malta to deny golden passports to Russians and stop Russian oil from using Malta-flagged ships.

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Climate change imminent threat

Borg Bonello said that climate change was the most imminent threat for Malta and the world, adding that it was thanks to youths that the issue was now at the forefront of the agenda.

“Either we take action now or billions around the world would suffer the consequences. The desertification of our islands is becoming a reality,” Borg Bonello warned.

She said that starting from next week, she would be bringing forward concrete proposals that address climate change.

“We could have another five years of reports and warnings but we must seize the moment now, put Malta at the forefront of change and act urgently,” Borg Bonello said.

Borg Bonello was elected for the first time to parliament in last March's election, becoming the youngest ever MP in Malta's history at just 18 years of age.