Bernard Grech, Robert Abela accuse each other of partisanship over IVF reform

Abela says Grech's trying to score political points, while Grech says Abela's the one being partisan

Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition leader Bernard Grech accused each other of partisanship when speaking about IVF reform during their parliamentary speeches this week. 

During Wednesday evening's parliamentary session, Abela said Grech was trying to score political points on IVF reform when he accused government of tabling amendments to IVF law as a knee-jerk reaction to a judgement by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The ECHR had declared that local health authorities breached the human rights of a Maltese couple when they denied the couple a second IVF cycle due to the woman's age.

"The sentence talks about a point that we had already corrected before the judgement was given," Abela stated. "Our amendments we tabled this week do not talk about this sentence, but instead address new realities."

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Grech had questioned the government's decision to table the amendments during his parliamentary speech on Monday. But on Wednesday evening, Grech issued a statement accusing Abela of lying about him. 

"Once again we heard the Prime Minister give a partisan speech in parliament," he said. "The Prime Minister seems to have forgotten that the election campaign is over."

"If he really wants to work in a friendly spirit, Robert Abela must do away with his political blinkers, stop attacking others, collaborate and act in the national interest," he said.