First district Labour MP toes government line on Valletta late night music

Labour MP Cressida Galea says Valletta will not become another Paceville and the she will ensure that continous monitoring and enforcement was present in the capital

Cressida Galea is a Labour MP on the first district
Cressida Galea is a Labour MP on the first district

Labour and first district MP Cressida Galea toed the party line on Valletta's late night outdoor music, repeating the mantra that Valletta will not become another Paceville.

She was replying to questions from MaltaToday on Wednesday after a press conference at Labour headquarters on the first 100 days of the administration since the election. Galea, like all other Labour MPs elected on the 1st District did not speak in parliament when the contentious legal notice was being debated on Monday.

“Talking with people is as important as voicing yourself in Parliament […] The intention is not to make another Paceville out of Valletta,” Galea insisted. She said the legal notice stipulates regulates the level of music and this can only be played outdoors in certain parts of Valletta and not the whole locality. 

“As an MP on the first district, I will ensure that there is continuous monitoring and enforcement, in case of abuse,” Galea said. “We are listening to the suggestions of various stakeholders, establishment owners and the residents, with whom we are keep continuous contact.” 

She encouraged the residents to keep approaching the government with their concerns, in order to better understand what it was proposing. 

“The Labour government made an unprecedented investment in Valletta, which kept reviving the capital to the level it deserves. Under a PN administration Valletta was like a ghost town,” she added.

A legal notice allowing some of Valletta’s most popular streets to play music outdoors until 1am was discussed in Parliament on Monday and a vote is expected to be taken later on today. The discussion was forced by PN MPs from the first district, who want the new rules scrapped.

Residents of the capital have sounded their concerns and called on the local council to repeal the legal notice.

Parliamentary Secretary Alison Zerafa Civelli landed in hot water after the debate following a remark in which she said that until a few years go, Valletta residents felt ashamed saying where they are from. She said that Valletta had now become the "envy" of everyone.

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