Union warns shabby police stations hit morale: ‘They resemble horror houses’

St Julian’s may be known as Malta’s ‘Golden Mile’ because of the massive private investment in the area but its police station certainly does not live up to that moniker

The St Julian's police station (Photos: Malta Police Union)
The St Julian's police station (Photos: Malta Police Union)

Police stations are like a “horror house” and in need of a complete overhaul, the Malta Police Union said on Saturday.

The union disseminated a number of photos it said were taken recently at the St Julian’s police station, showing the dilapidated state police officers have to work in.

It noted the irony of having a police station situated in Malta’s ‘Golden Mile’ that had broken glass panes, missing soffit boards, shabbily connected wires and paint peeling off the walls.

“Our officers feel ashamed providing their services to persons of all kinds of standard and status in these buildings… imagine our officers spending 12 hours in this type of environment,” the union complained.

It said the poor work environment was demotivating for officers and lamented the lack of plans for a complete overhaul of police stations to stop looking like “horror houses”.

The union said that as police week comes to an end, officers will return to working in “sub-standard environments”.

It called for a complete assessment of existing buildings and their needs. “The usual paint job, changing of a desk, or a computer and pinning up of posters with attractive slogans will not do. Our stations must be fully equipped, including with changing rooms and a staff room,” the union said.