No access for wheelchair-bound Gzira councillor, PN calls out discrimination

Nationalist Party says responsibility must be shouldered by authorities

Mario Azzopardi
Mario Azzopardi

The Nationalist Party has condemned discrimination against councillor Mario Azzopardi, who had to miss out on a council meeting due to accessibility issues at the Gzira council building.

“The Nationalist Party demands responsibility be shouldered for this lack of respect and equality, where due to the shortcomings in the management of the Gżira Local Council there was discrimination with a person with disability and a Local Councillor elected by the people,” it said.

Mario Azzopardi was elected PN councillor following the resignation of Shaun Farrugia, who has been charged with making a false bomb report at a Sliema restaurant.

According to the PN councillors, the lift at the Gzira council building had stop working for a while, but no efforts were made to fix it. This led to Azzopardi having to miss out on a council meeting earlier this week.

“The PN councillors have long insisted the Gzira Local Council is not working as it should, with a meeting requested with the Director General of the Local Councils division for these issues to be discussed,” they said in a statement.

The Nationalist councillors insisted that despite the concerns raised, no action is being taken by the authorities.

On the issues of accessibility, the councillors insisted the issue be resolved as soon as possible to ensure Azzopardi is allowed to carry out his duties.

The PN councillors requested the council meeting be halted, with the Labour councillors agreeing with the request.