PN proposes driving licence, mandatory helmets and penalty point system for e-scooters

Lack of parking spaces and lack of enforcement are the two major infrastructural problems for micro mobility, says the PN

PN also proposed fines for overspeeding, with non-intrusive speed limit trackers installed on e-scooters
PN also proposed fines for overspeeding, with non-intrusive speed limit trackers installed on e-scooters

The Nationalist Party proposed that e-scooter users are required to obtain a dedicated driving licence, use a helmet, and are subject to a penalty point system.

In a statement PN said that it studied solutions that were implemented in foreign countries which have the most efficient transport systems in the world, implementing them for the local context.

“The government lacks a vision that integrates different modes of transport on our roads, resulting in an infrastructure and public transport of an inadequate level,” PN said.

They said that the two major infrastructural problems that the country faces when it comes to micro mobility are the lack of parking spaces and the lack of enforcement.

In a list of proposals published on Tuesday, the PN said operators should verify that e-scooter users have a valid driving licence, specifically for the e-scooters. It would be in the AM category for those aged between 16 and 18 and in any category for those aged 18 and over.

They suggested that a mobile phone app is developed, allowing people to report faulty scooters or those illegally parked, with the operators being responsible to remove them within a stipulated time, after abuse is verified.

The enforcement agencies should have a right to confiscate e-scooters that breach parking laws, with the operators having to pay a fine before the scooter is returned, said the PN.

It also proposed that e-scooters should have visible registration plates and that the scooters should be designed to be more visible.

The PN also wants a system of ‘presumed liability’ adopted for the e-scooter drivers, to protect people in distress, and vulnerable and disabled people.

It suggested that awareness campaigns on e-scooter rules and their legislation should be launched, and that rigorous studies are carried out to identify the areas where it is permissible to drive them.

“From this study, a list should be drawn up of all roads, pavements and promenades where they can be currently driven safely, whilst limiting or prohibiting the use of e-scooters on pavements and in certain areas following the relevant studies.”

Parking areas dedicated to e-scooters, with e-scooter racks and charging stations should be set up, said PN.

It said that the use of helmets should be enforced, with the parking areas equipped with helmets for the e-scooter users.

The PN proposed that the number of registered rental e-scooters should be proportional to the number of e-scooter parking spaces around Malta and Gozo. “A justified increase in the threshold of registered e-scooters will be allowed depending on the demand and number of parking areas that can be designated.”

Fines are to be paid directly by the operators, who are then liable to collect money from the infringing users, said the PN. It also proposed that fines are issued for overspeeding, with non-intrusive speed limit trackers installed on the e-scooters.

The PN also suggested the implementation of a penalty points system for e-scooter users, which would be linked with the vehicle point system. As per this proposal, users who do not own a personal vehicle would be subject to a separate points system.

The statement was signed by six PN MPs, Consumer Rights spokesperson Rebekah Cilia, Transport spokesperson Adrian Delia, Inclusion spokesperson Graziella Galea, Climate Change spokesperson Eve Borg Bonello, Equality spokesperson Graziella Attard Previ and Environment spokesperson Janice Chetcuti.

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