PN proposes penalties for recruitment agencies who don’t adhere to workers' rights laws

Recruitment agencies would require a licence and must adhere to worker's rights laws or they are penalised, says PN

(File photo)
(File photo)

The Nationalist Party proposed the introduction of penalties for recruitment agencies that don’t adhere to any law which safeguards workers' rights.

On Thursday, PN launched proposals in line with the European Directive on Transparent and Predictable Work which is currently underway to be introduced into the Maltese Legislature but is now in a consultation process.

In a press conference, PN said that with its proposals, platform workers could finally have the quality of life they deserve.

The proposals also suggested that platform workers are considered employees and will no longer be “falsely considered as self-employed.” 

This is essential to ensure that these workers are in compliance with the Law, with work contracts that include bonuses and no wages below minimum wage, explained the Party.

PN called for a clear definition of what a platform worker is, from a legal point of view. This would lead to a “law which clearly explains who are platform workers,”

A Contracts portal through JobsPlus was also proposed so that contracts can be monitored according to the Law especially contracts which make no mention of either a minimum or a maximum number of hours.

It was also proposed that recruitment agents who bring foreign workers are regularised through licences as “not everyone who owns a laptop and internet can become an agent.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that a new legislative framework to regulate platform work has been approved by cabinet.

During a pre-budget meeting with Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin (UĦM), Abela said that the framework was approved by cabinet over the past few days, with more details on the rules to be presented in the coming days.

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