British drag racer’s car found in Iklin after being stolen from Ħal Far racetrack

The car was found intact with minimal damage

The custom car was found in Iklin
The custom car was found in Iklin

A British drag racer’s distinct ‘Smurf’ car was found in Iklin after a three-day hunt.

Sean Prout had come to Malta to compete in the Drag Racing Finals 2022 when, after the event was finished, the car was stolen from the track on Monday morning.

But Prout has since been reunited with his car, which was found in Iklin at 4am on Thursday.

The car is a Honda Civic ep3 racer with a custom Smurf wrap. Prout had spent over €100,000 to upgrade it to its current state and race in events across Europe.

The car was found with minimal damage and all parts in place.

News of the stolen car made waves in the local racing community and beyond. Prout’s own appeals were shared thousands of times on Facebook and a fundraiser was set up to help Prout and his family stay in Malta until the car was found again.

The fund raised £2,330 across 65 donations in just 24 hours.