[WATCH] Footage shows Corradino building collapse that buried six workers

Six men were trapped under the rubble with a 20-year-old man still missing

The building collapsed at around 9:30am on Saturday
The building collapsed at around 9:30am on Saturday

CCTV footage shows the moment a building under construction at the Corradino industrial estate collapsed, with six men inside.

On Saturday at around 9:30am, part of a building collapsed, while six men were carrying out works inside of it.

Five men, three Albanian, a Maltese and a Bosnian were rescued by members of the Civil Protection Department and are currently receiving treatment at Mater Dei hospital.  Three have been critically injured, one grievously, while the condition of the other is still unknown.

A search for a 20-year-old Maltese man, still trapped under the rubble is ongoing.

A crane has been brought on-site to start dismantling part of the structure that is erect but in a dangerous state. This will enable rescuers to get closer to the area where they believe the man is trapped.

Magistrate Marseann Farrugia is conducting an inquiry into the incident.