[WATCH] Footage shows moment police tasered and arrested Jeremie Camilleri

Jeremie Camilleri, 33, ran over a woman and smashed his car into a restaurant before becoming aggressive with passers-by and the police

Jeremie Camilleri is seen walking towards police officers and confronting them in footage that captured the moment he was tasered and arrested.

The mobile phone footage shows two police officers subduing the man, who had just run over a pedestrian and crashed his car into a restaurant.

Moments before, the 33-year-old Camilleri got out of his smashed BMW unscathed and acted aggressively to onlookers, who witnessed the accident.

Camilleri disobeyed police orders and was tasered before police could arrest him.

Pelin Kaya, a 30-year-old Turkish woman, was killed in the accident, which happened in Gżira near the Paul & Rocco petrol station.

Kaya had been walking alongside the petrol station when she was hit by the car and sent flying several metres away.

Police later said in a statement that Camilleri was taken for treatment at Mater Dei Hospital where he is being kept for observation under police surveillance. He will be interrogated once doctors discharge him from hospital.

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