Almost 25,000 foreigners obtained a Maltese driving licence since 2018 – PQ

Information tabled in parliament shows 24,891 foreigners obtained a Maltese driving licence since 2018

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In the last five years, authorities have issued driving licenses to 24,891 foreigners, information tabled in parliament shows.

The figure was revealed in a parliamentary question by Nationalist MP Charles Azzopardi to Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia.

Farrugia said that since 2018, 8,152 licenses were issued to individuals who already had obtained their licence from another European Union country. The figure also includes licencing issued to foreign nationals who hail from a country which has an agreement on driving licenses with Malta.

The minister also said that 16,739 were first-time applicants who obtained their driving licence after passing the practical test.

Farrugia also said that figures may vary due to the residential status of the licence holders.