Updated | Enemalta clears power cable that trapped Marsaskala family indoors for three days

A balcony of an adjacent property gave in during Thursday’s storm leaving a power cable dangling over their drive-in • Enemalta technicians cleared the cable shortly after the article was published

A power cable has been blocking the drive-in of the Camilleris since Thursday (Photo: Anthony Camilleri)
A power cable has been blocking the drive-in of the Camilleris since Thursday (Photo: Anthony Camilleri)

Updated at 5pm after the cable was repaired

MaltaToday has been informed that Enemalta has already removed a hazardous power cable from the drive-in of a residence, which kept a family trapped inside their Marsaskala home for three days running.

Anthony Camilleri reached out to MaltaToday to sound his frustration, as despite making multiple reports to Enemalta, the Civil Protection Department and the police, the peril had still not been removed.

“We have been locked inside our home for three straight days. If God forbid, an accident or a fire occurred – we would not be able to get out…an ambulance would not be able to get in,” Camilleri said.

He explained how on Thursday, whilst the island was caught up in storm Helios, a balcony of an adjacent property that is currently being renovated, gave in. As a result, a power cable was left dangling in the drive-in that leads to the residence of the Camilleris.

Anthony called Enemalta immediately and also the police and the Civil protection department. According to him, the police were only concerned with the fallen balcony and they did not take note of the cable.

“The police and the CPD keep saying that they can’t do anything and that it falls under the remit of Enemalta. I even asked the police to put up some tape, as I’m concerned for everyone’s safety, but they did not even do that.”

The other property in front of the Camilleris is not blocked, as the tenants have their own garage and door.

“We can’t even get out to get milk and bread and I can’t even get out of my drive-in by car. This drive-in is the only access I have to my property and to get out I would have to jump over to the roof of our neighbours,” Camilleri said.

Anthony said that he could not visit or have his elderly father over for dinner, as was fearing for his safety.

“My father, who’s 80, comes here every day for dinner but now he can’t. I told him not to come but my fear is that, should anything happen to him, I would not be able to get out of my house. To get out of the drive-in I have to pass under the wire or jump over it. I’m not willing to risk it,” Camilleri said.

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