[WATCH] Labour ashamed of celebrating 10 years of scandals and broken promises, Bernard Grech says

Opposition leader Bernard Grech has described the Labour Party’s track record in government as 10 years of scandals and broken promises

 Updated at 6:47pm with Labour Party reaction

The Labour Party is ashamed to commemorate its 10 years in government, Bernard Grech said Thursday in a television address on NET TV.

The Opposition leader said the Labour Party’s track record in government was 10 years of scandals and broken promises.

Joseph Muscat and his successor Robert Abela, according to Grech, both betrayed the people and Labour’s socialist values.

Grech mentioned how Labour promised meritocracy but progress in life was limited to those who are "friends of ministers".

He said the PL had promised to prioritise the environment but the administration went on to destroy it.

Grech insisted it was evident that Labour does not have a holistic plan for the traffic sector, education, the health service, to help build a better future for young people or to control the cost of living, which was destroying many people.

“Muscat and Abela sold the masses to crooks and fraudsters. They promised a ‘Malta Tagħna Lkoll’ and then sold it off to foreigners,” he said. 

Instead of investing funds to build the country, the Labour administration, he claimed, split public funds among itself.

“Malta could invest the same money given to the fraudelent, in better healthcare. That is why, as an Opposition, we will continue to work so what belonged to us, returns to us Maltese,” Grech said.

He then reiterated his appeal to the Prime Minister to sue Steward in relation to the Vitals/Steward Healthcare agreement that was rescinded by the court last week. "Abela should do the right thing and sue Vitals and Steward to recoup the €400 million that was given to them."

Grech reiterated the pledge he made during last Sunday's protest that the PN will back the government if it files a lawsuit against Steward Healthcare to recover the millions in public funds.

Labour Party reacts

The PL said Grech showed how “partisan” and “arrogant” he is.

“He shows the arrogance of someone who thinks that all he does is good, and whatever others do is wrong,” it said. “The Labour Party and Robert Abela are different. A Labour government will continue to look forward.”

It said the positive changes brought about under a Labour administration “are spoken about by the Maltese and Gozitans.”