‘How can Abela declare he’s a socialist and oppose the Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry’ – Bernard Grech

The Opposition leader said that the Labour Party went into government with one roadmap only - to become rich

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

Bernard Grech questioned how people could take Prime Minister Robert Abela seriously when declaring he’s a socialist whilst opposing a public inquiry into Jean Paul Sofia's death.

During an interview with Andrew Azzopardi on Radio 103 Malta’s Heart on Saturday, Grech said that Abela did not stand with the little guy 

“How can the Prime Minister declare he’s a socialist? How can you be a socialist if you’re not with the little guy and the nation? Abela’s façade fell, and people now know what he stands for,” Grech said.

He said that the party keeps pressing the PM for a public inquiry into the death of 20-year-old Jean Paul Sofia at a construction site in Paola.

“We are only echoing the desire of a mother who lost her son,” Grech said.

Grech said that he is angry that police and the Attorney General are prosecuting the three young men known as the El Hiblu 3, who are accused of terror by the Maltese government.

“The Police and the AG that are supposed to keep the country clean from those that got into politics to make money are turning their guns on journalists and people that stole a can of tuna. They are instead protecting those in power and those that are pigging out,” Grech said.

On Rosianne Cutajar’s Whatsapp chats with Yorgen Fenech, Grech said that even though he is not interested in anyone’s personal and intimate life, the chats reveal the intimacy between a junior minister and the known owner of 17 Black.

“We are public figures, and we should be responsible for our actions. They can’t just play the victim and woman card,” Grech said.

He remarked how the chats revealed that Cutajar even asked Fenech for information about the appointment of a Maltese EU Commissioner and a cabinet reshuffle.

“They went into government with one roadmap – to become rich,” Grech said, in reference to Cutajar's "everyone pigging out" message.

He added that this was the reason the PN opposed the appointment of Justice Joseph Azzopardi to become the new Commissioner for Standards in Public Life.

“We do not want a person in this position who was personally chosen by Abela.”

Grech said it was not true that the parties were the same, as according to him, Abela led one way, and he led correctly.