Commissioner asks police to investigate intimidation of children at ‘Gender Boss’ play

The Commissioner for Children as asked police to investigate allegations that members of Partit Abba were intimidating children during a Spazju Kreattiv play on gender roles

ABBA leader Ivan Grech Mintoff
ABBA leader Ivan Grech Mintoff

The Commissioner for Children has asked police to investigate claims that children were being intimidated and harassed by members of Christian-conservative party ABBA while attending a play on gender roles at Spazju Kreattiv.

In a statement from ADPD – The Green Party, the party’s international secretary Mina Jack Tolu said that the Commissioner informed them that she has asked the police to investigate the matter.

Earlier in the week, Tolu sent a letter to the Commissioner asking her office to investigate ABBA and their leader Ivan Grech Mintoff for intimidating children during the performance.

In their letter, Tolu said that the team at Spazju Kreattiv had to hire a security guard to stay at the entrance of the studio after members of ABBA showed up at the play, recorded the performance and workshop, and asked questions to the children in the audience.

Żigużajg’s website describes Gender Boss as a "multidisciplinary performance aimed at teaching youngsters about gender fluidity" and "entertaining the concept that gender is flexible and adaptable, not selected for you but by you".

Nationalist MPs Julie Zahra and Justin Schembri were the first to raise concerns over the play, saying they were reflecting “worries parents’” concerns. Zahra also admitted she did not read a copy of the screen play.

Meanwhile, ABBA said that they would be seeking legal advice over any action they could take against the performance.