Prime Minister gives stern telling-off to magistrate over delays in Jean Paul Sofia inquiry

Prime Minister Robert Abela complains to the Chief Justice in a rare letter on the delays in the Jean Paul Sofia inquiry

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Updated at 6:39pm with PN statement

Prime Minister Robert Abela gave a stern telling-off to the magistrate presiding over the Jean Paul Sofia inquiry in a letter to the Chief Justice on Thursday complaining of “unacceptable delays”.

The letter, sent to the Chief Justice on Thursday, sees the Prime Minister slamming the inquiring magistrate Marseanne Farrugia for the “totally unacceptable delays” in the magisterial inquiry.

“The inquiring magistrate has, at her disposal, all the resources requested including the technical experts needed,” he said.

“Meanwhile, I am asking that, through your powers and prerogatives, ensure that the magisterial inquiry is concluded so that the course of justice can move forward and everyone responsible for what happened can answer for their actions.”

Jean Paul Sofia was killed in a construction site accident in December 2022 when a three-storey building he was working at collapsed during construction works.

Isabelle Bonnici, the mother of Jean Paul Sofia, has since been campaigning for the government to launch a public inquiry into her son’s death.

On Wednesday, she placed a portrait of her son near the steps of Castille and invited the public to place candles next to it.

However, the portrait was removed overnight. "The candle's flames died out, the photo was removed but I will still hope for more safety in the work place and for justice to be served,” his mother said.

PN lambasts Abela

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Party lambasted the Prime Minister for targeting the magistrate while ignoring the fact that the police had all the power and resources to independently from the magisterial inquiry, investigate, arrest, interrogate and charge people in court.

"Robert Abela is being insensitive and his letter to the Chief Justice shows that he is only interested in covering his tracks and justifying the police's incompetence," the PN said.

The Opposition reiterated its call for a public inquiry into Sofia's tragedy, something Abela has consistently refused.


"Robert Abela is refusing to appoint a public inquiry because he has something to hide," the PN said.