Zammit shuns Abela’s plea, criticises Maltese politics as ‘prostitute to big businesses’

Robert Abela and Clint Camilleri’s attempts for Christian  Zammit to remain Xagħra Mayor fail, as the latter hits again on facebook claiming Maltese politics are ‘a prostitute to big businesses’

The Labour Party’s attempt for Christian Zammit to remain as Mayor of Xagħra, seems to have failed.

ILLUM reported on Sunday that Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri joined Robert Abela in contacting Zammit and attempt resolving the issues that forced his resignation on Thursday morning. 

Zammit announced his resignation on Facebook. The Labour Party candidate stepped down not only as mayor of Xagħra in Gozo and the local council altogether but also as president of the Labour Party’s Gozo regional committee.

While he gave no direct reason for his resignation, he hinted at environmental destruction as one of the reasons. 

Zammit has been a longstanding opponent of overdevelopment in Xagħra. Under his watch, the Xagħra local council fought against a proposed development close to Gozo’s Ġgantija Temples.

In comments to sister newspaper ILLUM, sources said this is “simply an excuse for him to leave.” But, others claimed that Zammit reflects the sadness within the Party and the sadness of Labour towards the current leadership of the Party.

When Abela confirmed with local media that he was in contact with Zammit, he said “Zammit’s beliefs in environmental issues are much needed in the Labour Party.”

He added that Zammit is not only his personal friend but he has much more to contribute to the party. 

‘Someone, somewhere, needed to shock the system’

On Saturday the former Xagħra Mayor took to Facebook once again to answer the many questions people were asking about his resignation.

Zammit admitted he hoped he would shock the system within both the Labour Party and the country with his resignation.

 “Someone, somewhere, needed to shock the system,” he said in a lengthy post.

He said that for years he insisted that the system is sick and currently "a prostitute to big businesses" rather than to help everyone.

Zammit insisted that many are wrong to say that “the system has always been this way,” and that there is “no appetite for change.” 

Asking several thought-provoking questions, Zammit said he did not feel he betrayed Xagħra, and while he did have the option to stay as Mayor, he felt powerless.

“It's not the threats, the insults and the daily grumbles that bother me. It is the feeling of being completely alone and powerless,” he said.