Wind knocks ceramic statue of Charles Clews in Sliema

The police, who reviewed the surveillance cameras in the surrounding area, ruled out vandalism as the cause of the latest incident

Photo: Malta Diżastru Totali
Photo: Malta Diżastru Totali

The ceramic figure of Charles Clews in the Bisazza Street monument to Maltese artists has been damaged as strong winds knocked it over.

Photos of the knocked figure went viral on Sunday morning, with comments assuming it was vandalism. However, police told MaltaToday that vandalism was ruled out after reviewing the surveillance cameras in the surrounding area.

Police told MaltaToday that the Sliema Local Council had taken several temporary measures throughout the years to repair the statue.

Clews, who stood next to Victor Apap and Ġemma Portelli had first suffered damages in 2011, when its head was decapitated by a young man who kicked its head three times.

Over time, with more vandalism, the deteriorating condition of the statues became evident.

Unfortunately, this morning, the wind knocked the figure from the waist up, resulting in the decapitation of the head once again.