Abela commends GSSE victory, says unity delivers results in all sectors

The Prime Minister said that workers prosper when jobs are created, and when decisions are taken to make Malta competitive and attractive for investment

Prime Minister Robert Abela on Sunday (Photo: PL)
Prime Minister Robert Abela on Sunday (Photo: PL)

Prime Minister Robert Abela praised the organisers and athletes for the results in the Games of the Small States of Europe in Malta, and said that this showed that when united, Malta could achieve the best results in all sectors.

During a Labour Party activity in Dingli on Sunday morning, Abela thanked all the organisers and the athletes that participated in GSSE games in Malta and said that the results the country had hoped for, had been achieved.

“The results obtained this week is a result of ample talent. It is the result of important investment that we have carried out in recent years, in preparation for the games. An investment that proves that when as a country we set the right priorities, there is no sector where we can’t do better,” the PM said.

He said that Malta wanted to be among the best and ended up winning the games and emphasised that success should not end with the GSSE.

“We wanted to provide the best environment for the athletes and our children with dreams to become professionals and among the very best. They have received the message that nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself.”

Abela said that the government has also and will continue investing in facilities for sport disciplines that did not even feature in the GSSE.

The Labour leader spoke about the European Summit in Moldova and the message that he delivered about clean and renewable energy in the Mediterranean and the interconnectivity with North Africa.

Abela said that even though Malta’s economy grew by two and a half times the average of that in the European Union in the first quarter of the year, his government will never take a “break” and will keep working to maintain Malta’s attractiveness for investors in all areas.

“Come to us with big projects and ideas, and we will help you along the way to make them a reality. This is our renewed vision for all the sectors,” Abela said.

“The workers prosper when jobs are created when we take decisions that make our country one of the most attractive and competitive. Our country remains with the lowest unemployment rate in eurozone.”

He said that the Opposition was dry of ideas and had no concrete proposals for the future of the country.