Mark Anthony Sammut accuses Energy Minister of covering up for Konrad Mizzi over Montenegro wind farm scandal

PN takes aim at the Energy Minister after she tabled Enemalta’s internal report on the Montenegro wind farm scandal more than two years after it was concluded and only because she was forced to do so

PN energy spokesperson Mark Anthony Sammut
PN energy spokesperson Mark Anthony Sammut

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli must say why she kept Enemalta’s internal report on the Montenegro wind farm investment hidden for more than two years, the Nationalist Party said.

PN energy spokesperson Mark Anthony Sammut accused the minister of covering up for her predecessor Konrad Mizzi, who had been the brains behind the wind farm project.

The internal report was commissioned by Enemalta after the scandal broke in the media. Journalists had uncovered how Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect Yorgen Fenech profitted from the Montenegro deal when Enemalta bought the wind farm project from Cifidex at a much higher price than what the latter company had paid a few months before.

The internal audit was concluded in 2021 but Dalli, who had by then become energy minister, had refused to publish it.

But the minister was earlier this month forced to release the report after Times of Malta won a Freedom of Information case. Dalli tabled the report in parliament this week.

Sammut said the report made it clear that the proposal to Enemalta to buy the wind farm came directly from Konrad Mizzi. The PN MP added that the shortcomings flagged by the report show that the Enemalta board members appointed by the government were incompetent.

Turning his guns on Dalli, he said the minister had “a lot to answer for”.

“She was Konrad Mizzi’s communications officer; for two-and-a-half years she kept the report hidden; and she is covering up for the former minister by refusing to adopt transparency in a sector that is rife with corruption scandals,” Sammut said.