Four days before election, MEP candidate Ivan Grech Mintoff offers resignation as Partit ABBA leader

Grech Mintoff announces on live television that he has offered his resignation as party leader and from party executive

ABBA leader Ivan Grech Mintoff
ABBA leader Ivan Grech Mintoff

Ivan Grech Mintoff has announced that he will offer his resignation as leader of Partit Abba, and will resign from the party’s executive.

His resignation comes four days before Malta takes to the polls for the European election.

While he is contesting the election as a member of Partit Abba, he is asking the electorate to consider him an independent candidate “so that the party is protected from any harm that Simon Elmer creates by smearing my name”.

This comes after Elmer, the secretary-general of Partit Abba, publicly chastised Grech Mintoff for citing his role as party leader in a judicial protest filed earlier this month against the Broadcasting Authority.

“If Simon Elmer is so determined to cause me harm, this shouldn’t be reflected in the party. No one is above the law, and so that’s why my lawyers will file a libel case against Elmer so he is held responsible for his actions in front of the law,” Grech Mintoff said during a television debate.

Grech Mintoff claimed Elmer refused to convene executive meetings within the party, and instead embarked on a smear campaign against him.

Since the election ballot papers are ready and printed, Grech Mintoff will still appear as a Partit Abba candidate.

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