Health Department investigating claims on butcher using cat, dog meat for Maltese sausages

Claims doing rounds on social media allege Gozo butcher is using cat and dog meat to make Maltese sausages • Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina says no hard evidence has yet been presented, and ‘rumour’ has been doing rounds ‘for weeks’

The Public Health Department is investigating claims of a butcher in Gozo who was allegedly selling Maltese sausage made with cat and dog meat.

A Facebook thread making the rounds on social media saw consumers claiming they got sick after consuming the sausages which were being made with meat from sick cats and dogs picked up from animal sanctuaries.

Government sources confirmed with this newspaper that an investigation was launched after the social media thread was forwarded to the authorities.

This newspaper could not confirm whether people have come forward with any sickness related to the incident.

On the Facebook thread one commentor said people have turned up with food poisoning after consuming sausages bought from the butcher shop.

“When the health inspectors turned up at his place, the found the gruesome evidence,” the commentor said.

Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina commented on a Facebook post uploaded by Gerald Fenech, with the commissioner saying the “rumour” has been going around for weeks.

“If you have any hard evidence to prove this pls contact me on [email protected]. No one can take action or put pressure for action to be taken with what till now seems to be just a rampant rumour,” she said.