Urgent call for A positive and O positive blood donations in Malta

The National Blood Transfusion Service Malta is urgently appealing for blood donations due to a drastic drop in blood reserve

The National Blood Transfusion Service Malta has issued an urgent call for blood donations, as their reserves face a decrease in supply.

The service is in need of O positive and A positive blood for patients currently awaiting to undergo operations that require blood transfusions to ensure their wellbeing.

The blood service is open today from 8am to 6pm, and they urge members of the public to donate blood as soon as possible.

The National Blood Transfusion Service Malta relies on the generosity of donors to maintain a steady supply of blood for those in need.

If you are eligible to donate blood, consider making an appointment or visiting the blood service to help ensure that patients receive the necessary transfusions they need.

More information can be found on www.blood.gov.mt and their Facebook page Blood Donation Malta – NBTS.

The public can also call 79307307 or Freephone 80074314 for more information.