Fearne requests House’s protection following Steward frame up reports: ‘They could go further’

MP Chris Fearne requests House’s protection following €6 million frame up which sought to ‘eliminate him politically’

MP Chris Fearne requesting the House's protection on Monday
MP Chris Fearne requesting the House's protection on Monday

MP Chris Fearne has requested the House’s protection following reports on a smear campaign against him by a private intelligence firm engaged by Steward Healthcare.

“This coordinated attack was not only carried out against me as a private citizen, but also as a representative of the people and sought to eliminate me politically,” Fearne told parliament during Monday’s sitting.

He said those who spent €6 million on the frame up, “could go further.”

“I want the House’s protection, and I want you to take the necessary steps so me and my family are protected from any dangers,” he said.

According to documents obtained by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), and shared with Times of Malta and the Boston Globe, Steward clashed with the Maltese health minister over the terms of its agreement to manage several hospitals in Malta.

In response, Steward enlisted CT Group, a London-based private intelligence firm, to create a damaging report accusing the health minister of accepting a substantial bribe. This report was subsequently circulated among journalists, aiming to discredit the minister.

These bribery claims started to appear in several Pakistani news portals, and eventually made their way to a Brussels-based and a Ukrainian news outlet. The claims alleged that Fearne's chief of staff, Carmen Ciantar, received thousands in payments from a company linked to Vitals Global Healthcare.

Fearne has also reported the allegations to the police.

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