Over €360,000 in development aid for developing country projects

Foreign Ministry presents grants to charities and humanitarian NGOs.

Foreign Minister Tonio Borg addressing beneficiaries of Malta's overseas development aid.
Foreign Minister Tonio Borg addressing beneficiaries of Malta's overseas development aid.

The Maltese foreign ministry will finance 28 humanitarian projects in developing countries situated in Africa, Asia and South America as part of its overseas development aid.

The projects will be carried out by charitable organisations and individuals at a cost of €363,047.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Tonio Borg applauded the genuine efforts carried out by these Maltese persons in tangibly improving the standard of living of poorer people.

In the past four years, the ministry helped in the accomplishment of around 46 projects.

One project involves the construction of a sports stadium in Honduras, in hope of keeping children off the streets away from violence and drugs. Other educational projects will focus on vocational training, empowerment and capacity building.

Children and other vulnerable groups will be given support to pursue their education or be given training in fields such as ICT, trade and skills development, which will enable them to become self sufficient and improve their and their families' lives.

One particular project will focus on peace-building among youths in Nigeria, which will aim to keep them away from a culture of violence.

Three projects will focus on the equally important field of health. These include the provision of emergency health care for the poor and disabled and the purchasing of medical equipment for hospital patients in Guatemala and increasing healthcare capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Another project in Nicaragua will provide safe drinking water through the construction of two solar driven water supply systems.

This year saw the increase of agricultural and husbandry or farming projects. Two small farm infrastructures, which will foster socio-economic development, will be built in Peru; two fish farming projects will take place in Guatemala and Uganda and a poultry farm will be constructed in Burkina Faso. These projects will seek to contribute towards food security.

The full list of projects

Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus €14,000

Construction of a primary school for street children in Nairobi, Kenya

The project proposed involves the construction of classrooms, offices, a kitchen, toilets, a hall and will also provide access to running water which will provide children with an education, shelter and food.

Fr Albert Gauci OFM €14,000

Construction of a stadium in Olancho, Honduras - Phase 2

This project is a continuation of the construction of a sports complex in Honduras to be used by youths in their free time with the aim of keeping them away from drugs.

Kull Bniedem Ħija €9,147

Empowerment project for 20 orphans and vulnerable children in the area of Kisumu, Kenya

The project is to provide educational and financial support for orphans in the area of Kisumu, Kenya which has a high mortality rate of HIV/AIDs victims.

Mission Fund €14,000

Education For All - Construction of an extension at a school at Jharkland in India.

The project involves the construction of an extension at a girl's secondary school which will serve as a hostel and will therefore provide accessible education and accommodation to tribal girls living in remote areas.

Fr. Joe Camilleri €14,000

Medical equipment for hospital patients in Guatemala

The co-funding of this project is to purchase medical equipment for a rural hospital that caters for the local impoverished community and neighbouring patients from San Salvador and Belize.

Integra €14,000

Emergency health care for the disabled extreme poor in rural Guatemala

The project will provide much needed assistance to disabled people to have access to emergency health care and will contribute to ease medical costs and improve the quality of their health care.

Daughters of the Sacred Heart - Philippines €14,000

The setting up of a Youth Formation Centre in Diwa Diocese of Balanga in the Bataan Province, Philippines

The aim of this project is the setting up of a youth formation centre which will be used as a study/accommodation centre for the students where they can also hold workshops, seminars or weekend gatherings.

The Ghana Mission Foundation - Ghana €14,000

The Ghana Health Project - Increasing Healthcare Capacity particularly for women and children in Sub-Saharan Africa

The project will address healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa that is plagued with infectious diseases and maternal-child health. Most of the funds will also go towards the purchasing of medical and surgical equipment.

Centru Animazzjoni Missjunarja €14,000

A Mini Farm for the Family (Mini Granja) - Peru

The aim of this project is to improve the quality of life of many disadvantaged families by enabling them to sell their farm products and fertiliser. They will be taught and trained on how to run and administer this project themselves.

Aldea Infantil Sagrada Familia - Peru €5,400

Small Farm Infrastructure in Arequipa - Peru

The funding for this project is for improving the already existing farm to generate more income by rearing more cattle, which will ensure a more steady flow of income which will aid Aldea and the community become more self-sufficient.

The Millennium Chapel €15,000

Mitigation of the conflict in the city of Jos, Nigeria

This is a project in peace-building strategy through participation and rehabilitation of youths who have experienced inter-ethnic and inter-religious fighting. The project will help them reintegrate in the social and economic life of the city.

Segretarjat Missjonijiet Agostinjani €14,000

Supporting the Educational Environment for the poor in Mapinhane, Mozambique

The project is to provide destitute families with small bamboo huts to live in, two community huts to cater for the adult education needs and for the refurbishing of school classrooms, library and dormitories.

Mother Margherita De Brincat Catholic School €14,000

Peace and Good through Quality Education for Tucop Children - Philippines

The project aims to furnish 14 classes and a science laboratory which will provide learning opportunities for local children coming from poor families.

Happy Moments Kenya €14,000

Training of a teacher, ICT training, Training in bee keeping, the building of a Nursery School, Kagaa Water Proejct - Kenya

The projects include: the training of a teacher; funding of ICT training for secondary school students; training in bee keeping; the building of a nursery and the installation of a water pump.

Cam Youths - Philippines €14,000

Development of a Music and Trade school in Pagalanggang (Bataan, Philippines)

The project is to set-up a music and trade school for youths which will include a workshop, and a space for the reparation of computers.

St Jeanne Antide Foundation - Central African Republic €14,000

Skills Development among Poor Single Teenage Mothers

The project involves the upgrading of a centre for vocational and home management training targeting vulnerable girls, mostly poor single mothers, lacking schooling and life opportunities.

Emergency Response and Rescue Corps - Nicaragua €14,000

Provision of safe drinking water through construction of two solar driven water supply systems in the community La Esperanza

The project aims to install solar driven water supply systems which will bring various benefits to the targeted families, which will provide safe drinking water to the community.

Fr Anton Grech €14,000

Project for establishing small scale aquatic food production systems in Guatemala

The objective of this project is to educate local people in the setting up of small fish production units, which will increase substantially the availability of protein in the diet of the local population.

SOS Malta €14,000

Small scale fish farming in Uganda

The project will undertake rearing of fresh water fish and will include an equipped laboratory unit for training and research, which will contribute towards a better quality of life for subsistence farmers through aquaculture technologies.

Small States Network for Economic Development (SSNED) - Lesotho €2,500

Best Practices and Innovative Ideas in Multidisciplinary Climate Change Adaptation Strategies - Training Workshop for National University of Lesotho Students

This is a workshop programme to train prospective university graduates who are set to take a lead in their profession to tackle climate change adaptation in an innovative way.

Matters Human - Ethiopia €14,000

Opportunity Knocks Ethiopia - Boroz ta'studju edukattivi u Workshops dwar il-bini tal-Kapacità

The main objective of this project is to provide the poorest among the most talented and ambitious pupils with scholarships, enabling them to continue their education in their own country.

YMCA - Togo €14,000

Enhancing the teaching capacity of the YMCA Rural Entrepreneurship training centre in Bagbe

The project involves the construction of training centre that includes a dining hall, a kitchen, a bar/cafeteria and a hall to accommodate more than 200 people.

Signum Fidei - Burkina Faso €14,000

Offering an instrument of self-sufficiency to the farmers formation programme in C.L.I.M.A.

The project aims to build a poultry farm for chickens, which will introduce new techniques in poultry farming that would contribute towards food security and strengthen commercial links.

Salesians of Don Bosco €14,000

'Construction of a Refectory for a children's village, Ashaiman - Ghana'

The project aims to construct a refectory with two kitchens, dining hall, laundry andwashrooms to offer abandoned children and babies the possibility of having a home and a loving family who cares for their needs.

Inizjamed €14,000

Uwezzo Women Empowermenti, Kenya

The project seeks to support young teenage girls and young single mothers in slum areas in Nairobi by empowering them through training in fabric making, entrepreneurship skills and micro economy.

Kopin - Ethiopia €14,000

The Establishment of an Early Childhood Care and Development Centre

The proposed project is to build a child development centre that will provide education for disadvantaged children, through which they will gain proper care and education.

Joseph De Piro Middle School for Girls - Pakistan €14,000

The project involves the building of a 3-storey block which will include a science lab, library and computer lab, as well as rooms to house students and staff rooms.

Fr Victor Zammit €10,000

Project Day Care Centre for Children - Peru

The project aims to build a day care centre for children.