Air Malta ‘pleased’ with new uniforms costing €700,000

Air Malta launches new uniforms on flights today for cabin and ground crew, costing the financially-strained airline €700,000, receiving positive feedback.

Air Malta’s Cabin Crew Nicky Camilleri Kelly (right) and Josann Robertson pose in their new uniforms.
Air Malta’s Cabin Crew Nicky Camilleri Kelly (right) and Josann Robertson pose in their new uniforms.

Air Malta announces the launch of new uniforms for both its cabin and ground crew which had been ordered by previous management in 2010 and cost around €700,000 despite the currently dire financial situation of the airline.

The airline’s new management was reluctant to accept the new uniforms but according to the airline, early comments on social media indicate the uniforms were positively received by staff as well as passengers onboard various flights today.

Joe Fava, Section Head Flight Services, who was the flight Purser on Air Malta’s flight to Catania said that plenty of positive comments were received from the public. “All our crew today were really pleased to receive so many positive comments both at the airport and during flights. Similar positive comments were also received from the cabin crew themselves who uploaded several pictures of their new uniform on social networks.”

Cabin crew also commented that the uniforms are not only aesthetically attractive but also practical to work with.

The Airline Pilots’ Association Malta (ALPA) President Dominic Azzopardi had criticised the airline for the new uniforms since registering a loss of €31 million in 2009.

"The new management was brought on board with the premise that they would be generating more work. Instead, they have increased the expenses by introducing new uniforms as part of their rebranding. Yet, they haven't introduced advertising opportunities on the planes," Azzopardi told MaltaToday. 

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ray zammit
........Especially if someone else pays for it!!!!
Manuel Scicluna
If I paid 700k (which I can't afford to pay for) for a suit, I would be pleased too.

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