More repairs to stressed electricity cables – Enemalta

Higher temperature resulting in a number of cable faults where insulation fails at weak spots.

Tuesday's faults proved to be a tough challenge for Enemalta technicians and engineers as cables in the Valletta-Marsa area were heavily stressed over the past months as a result of repeated faults caused by roadworks contractors.

The faults aggravated weak spots in the cable insulation and over the past weeks the ambient temperatures have been increasing and the ground surrounding the cables has been drying out, Enemalta said in a statement.

As a result the cables are operating at a higher temperature, which is usual for this time of year. However, all these conditions are resulting in a number of cable faults as the insulation fails at the weak spots. Yesterday this resulted in a high fault current which then caused all the subsequent faults.

All faults relating to Tuesday's incident have now been resolved after works continued throughout the night. At around 2:39am some feeders in the south area of Malta had to be switched off to reconnect an overhead line cable which had to be repaired. Supply was once again restored at 4:09am.

In an unrelated event, another fault developed in a 33kV cable from Delimara to the Tarxien Distribution Centre, causing a power cut in parts of Żejtun, Gudja, Tarxien, Fgura, Żabbar, Xagħjra, Vittoriosa, Cospicua, Senglea, Kalkara, Marsa and Luqa. The fault occurred at 1:26pm and supply was restored in less than an hour at 2:21pm. A high-tension fault also occurred in Gżira at around 16:00, and should be restored in the coming hour.

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Manuel Scicluna
I trust that the cost of the repairs to the damage is borne by the people inflicting it and NOT added to the burden of Enemalta's runaway expenses?

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