More than 12,000 persons work in the financial services sector

Employment Minister inaugurates Deloitte’s BrightStart Recruitment Event which offers account and economics students possible sponsorship and employment while studying.

The Deloitte’s BrightStart Recruitment Event offers a number of students studying financial subjects the opportunity for possible employment with the company while continuing their studies.

Education and Employment Minister Dolores Cristina said that this was another opportunity to generate further employment in the financial services sector which already had around 12,000 workers in the sector.

“This type of occasion certifies how good our education system is and shows the great faith shown in our students by Maltese entrepreneurs. The goal of Deloitte’s initiative is to inspire a number of students in Accounting and Auditing to choose the company for their work and study experience to increase their prospective and eventually be offered employments once their studies are completed,” Cristina said.

The scheme launched by Cristina is offering three possibilities to students.

The Path Programme will help students continuing their studies at the University of Malta. An ACCA programme will be offered to students wishing to continue studying while employed on a full-time basis with Deloitte. Another ACCA programme will be offered for those students who want to continue studying on a full-time basis while being sponsored by the company.

Cristina said that the Financial Services was recognised by the government as a sector which Malta needs to excel in.

“This result is already being achieved thanks to companies like Deloitte who are offering a guarantee of seriousness as well as study programmes included in Malta’s Higher Education. Despite the already high number of individuals employed in the sector, the industry needs more,” Cristina said.

This event is expected to attract a number of accounting and economic students tomorrow morning.

Cristina thanked the company for the study and work opportunities being provide to youths under good conditions for anyone entering the programmes.

“I hope there will be more companies who follow suit and continue to increase job opportunities for youths which are being prepared by our country’s education institutions,” Cristina said. 

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