Accident at Mepa offices covered up

An accident which happened at Mepa's offices in Floriana covered up by authorities to avoid embarrassment.

Mepa's offices in Floriana
Mepa's offices in Floriana

Governmental authorities covered up details of an accident which happened at the Malta Environmental and Planning Authority premises in Floriana.

On Thursday, a 57-year-old man was rushed to Mater Dei Hospital suffering from serious injuries but is not in danger of dying after he was hit by a marble slab.

The Police said the accident took place at around 8:30am in an office in St Anne's Street, Floriana.

Preliminary investigations revealed that while a scaffolding was being moved in the office, it hit a marble slab that fell on the man.

Sunday newspaper Illum reveals that the accident happened at the Mepa offices in Floriana.

An internal memo was sent to Mepa employees informing them to stay away from the area where the accident happened.

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