Political parties trade reactions over leaders’ Sunday messages

The Nationalist Party claim Joseph Muscat predicted early elections ’40 times’ while Labour says Lawrence Gonzi ‘insults mothers who want to make use of IVF’

Reacting to the short message conveyed this morning by Labour leader Joseph Muscat on One Radio, the Nationalist Party said that Muscat's number one priority was to become Malta's youngest Prime Minister.

"All Muscat wants to do is become Malta's youngest Prime Minister. He hasn't told the people what his party's policy on jobs, health, education or anything else is," the PN said in a statement.
"He wants your vote but he won't tell you what his policies are. These are Muscat's irresponsible politics with his immense thirst for power."

The PN added that in four years, Muscat said 40 times that the country would go for early elections and sought several times to see this happening.

On the other hand, Labour accused Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi of "insulting mothers who wanted to make use of IVF, but couldn't".

During his speech, Gonzi said that IVF had been practiced in Malta for 20 years and that the new law was meant to regulate it.

But before this new law is enacted, brand new IVF equipment at Mater Dei Hospital cannot be used. IVF is currently only carried out at private hospitals.
"Lawrence Gonzi's comments serve to prove how cut off from reality he is. Because as much as IVF exists in Malta, there are families who don't have the means to make use of the treatment," the PL said in a statement.

Labour also criticised Gonzi for using the word "cloning" while speaking on IVF.

"The PL's priority is to see that IVF is accessible to families who want to have children but cannot. Thus, a new Labour government will be implementing an effective IVF law," it added.

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Josanne Cassar
Why is it that GonziPN has been insisting for the last year to know what Labour's electoral programme will be when GonziPN has not come out with its programme? Is it because GonziPN is bereft of ideas after 25 years of PN in government and wants to copy Labour's plans like the yacht marina in Birgu, the passenger terminal ran by VISET, the regeneration of the grand harbour, the upper Barakka lift, and a lot of ideas that GonziPN copied in the past 8 years?

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