Authority warns consumers over electronic cigarettes safety concerns

Consumers’ Authority warns over a number of electronic cigarettes which do not comply with the essential health and safety requirements of European Directives

Electronic cigarettes are not 'healthy', the Consumers Authority warns
Electronic cigarettes are not 'healthy', the Consumers Authority warns

Inspections and investigations carried out by product safety officers over the past week revealed that a number of electronic cigarettes found on the market do not comply with the essential Health and Safety requirements of the European Directives under which such products fall, or are being claimed to fall.

According to the Technical Regulations Division within the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA), all electronic cigarettes should have the CE mark.

The authority said that products which either claim to assist the user to stop smoking or have other health claims or having a nicotine content of 10mg per ml or more fall under the Medical Devices Regulations.

"Electronic cigarettes and their use must also comply with the provisions of legislation on tobacco products, even if they do not contain any nicotine," MCCAA said.

"Consumers should also note that inhaling vapours cannot in any way be considered 'healthy'."

The authority also said that a number of people are importing these cigarettes personally over the internet and are then selling them to consumers, or even to some retail outlets, on a one-to-one basis.

"The Technical Regulations Division reminds such economic operators that they are and remain personally responsible for the products they are placing on the market and that they may be liable for legal action should the products not conform to all applicable requirements," it warned.

Consumers who wish to report any unsafe product may do so directly on the Authority's website

For any further clarifications, one can always contact the Technical Regulations Division of the MCCAA on 2395 2000.


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