Former Labour secretary-general is confirmed electoral candidate

Jason Micallef, presently One Productions chairman, will be contesting forthcoming general election for Labour.

Former Labour secretary-general Jason Micallef will be contesting the next general elections.
Former Labour secretary-general Jason Micallef will be contesting the next general elections.

Former Labour secretary-general Jason Micallef has been confirmed as a Labour party candidate for the next general elections, this newspaper has learnt.

Micallef and the Marsaskala mayor Mario Calleja have been added to a list of some 80 candidates so far on the Labour ticket.

Micallef is currently occupying the post of chairman of One Productions, the PL's television company.

Micallef was elected the party's secretary-general after Labour lost the 2003 election, when it had opposed EU membership. The party, still under the leadership of Alfred Sant, lost the 2008 election by a mere 1,500 votes, robbing the Nationalists of an absolute majority.

Despite the election loss, Micallef was still reconfirmed in his position of secretary-general by the Labour party delegates.

In a bid to restructure the party, newly-elected Joseph Muscat proceeded to abolish the post of party secretary-general to instead vest those powers in the position of the deputy leader for party affairs, while hand-picking a chief executive for the party's day-to-day affairs.

Further speculation on the future of Micallef in the party was fuelled by a statement by Joseph Muscat in January, when he told the PL general conference that he had asked Micallef to concentrate on the party's broadcasting arm during the general elections.

The move ousted Micallef, who was 'kicked upstairs' to the chairmanship of the PL's media production house.

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Josanne Cassar
And who will cover the broadcasting arm of Labour from now until the elections? This does not make sense because the PN has absolute control of the media that will now swipe over whatever Labour says. And with TVM 2 which will also be used during the election run-in against Labour. JM should appoint someone to handle this important task.
maria aquilina
Alfred Vanhear
The PL has just shot itself in the foot. When the PL confirms "its star candidate" for Qormi it will shot itself in the head. What a pity.

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