Update | Man slain by oncoming taxi after being beaten up, two men held

Taxi swerved into Paceville street running man over as he lay in the street.

Police are not ruling out that the man could have been murdered.
Police are not ruling out that the man could have been murdered.

A man died in the most gruesome of circumstances, after being run over by a taxi swerving into Paceville Street, in St Julian's, while he was left in the middle of the road after being involved in an argument.

The police have said that two persons are being held in connection with the case. A 28-year-old man from Rabat, Gozo and another man from St Julian's were involved in the argument with the man who was later run over.

It is unknown whether the man, 47 from Sliema, was already dead before the taxi ran him over. Police was informed of the incident at 3:40am.

The man, a Maltese national, was lying in the street after having been involved in an argument with two other men in Paceville.

Police said that as he laid on the floor, ostensibly after suffering serious injury or even death in the assault, an oncoming taxi failed to brake after the turn from Ross Street into Paceville Street, and ran him over.

The Civil Protection Department had to be summoned to remove the vehicle from atop the victim.

Police have located other witnesses to assist in questioning. The incident itself took place within full view of security CCTV cameras of nearby retail outlets.

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Dylan Bezzina
I agree that sensitive areas such as these needs cctv surveillance. big brother as its best.

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