AD endorses MGRM’s position on marriage equality

Alternattiva Demokratika says it will adopt Gay Rights Movement’s position for full equality regarding marriage and parenthood for same-sex and heterosexual couples, as well as single persons.

Homosexual couples should have the same rights for marriage as do heterosexual couples says AD
Homosexual couples should have the same rights for marriage as do heterosexual couples says AD

Alternattiva Demokratika said it will be fully endorsing the Malta Gay Rights Movement’s (MGRM) position regarding marriage equality and parenthood.

AD Chairman Michael Briguglio gave his condolences to Dom Mintoff’s family and family. “It  was under his leadership in  1973 that the policy to improve the situation for LGBT persons was implemented. It was then that the ball started rolling.”

AD is also supporting MGRM’s Gender Identity Act proposal calling for expedient legal gender recognition and for gender reassignment procedures under the national health care service.

Briguglio said that the party believed there should be full equality in all aspects of social and family policy, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

“I am proud to announce that AD is endorsing MGRM’s position that as regards marriage equality. Equality can only materialise by having one institution for both different-sex and same-sex couples,” Briguglio said.

He said the recognition of same-sex couples in marriage would lead to strengthening the concept of the family and the influence of European Green parties is considered important for progressive change.

“As for the current IVF debate, we believe that there should not be any form of discrimination in access to this right. One should not be discriminated against on the basis of one’s sexual orientation,” Briguglio said.

AD spokesperson for Social Policy and Civil Rights Angele Deguara said that as the concept of family is constantly changing and should be reflected in social policy and civil legislation.

“These should also reflect family diversity and address the rights and obligations of individuals forming part of these different family types. Civil rights are one of the major pillars of AD’s policy and we will continue working for social justice and equality,” Deguara said.

Deguara added that AD believed that same-sex couples and heterosexual couples should enjoy full equality in all aspects of life. “The state should give the same rights to same-sex couples as those given to heterosexual couples and should open the institution of civil marriage to same-sex couples.”

Regarding adoption and IVF, Briguglio also said that it should not just be hetero or same-sex couples who should have the right but should also be made available to single persons wishing to have children.

Deguara said that there should not be discrimination on the basis of the sexual orientation and every case should be considered on its own merits.

“Gender minorities such as transgender persons should be protected against every form of discrimination and the Constitution should be amended to prohibit any form of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression,” Deguara said.

MGRM Coordinator Gabi Calleja welcomed AD’s new policy. “AD is the first mainstream political party which has taken the stance, even to include parental rights. MGRM has already criticised the proposed Act which also  excludes IVF being offered as part of the health services based on sexual orientation,” Calleja said.

Calleja added that a number of same-sex couples may not even require IVF and the LGBT community would welcome the introduction of artificial insemination which would be criminalised under the new Act should it be passed. 

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